About Us

Superior Trailers is a division of Superior Heating & Fabrication.

Superior Heating & Fabrication’s office and workshop is based at 260E Port Hills Road, Hillsborough, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Superior Heating & Fabrication was established in 1982 and was primarily a general engineering firm focusing on wet backs (water boosters) for solid fuel burners. Subsequent owners of the firm then developed the fireguard product which was thoroughly tried and tested by their sons. From then on, Superior Heating has become known around New Zealand for their child safety products. As the new owner of the business, Johan Botha is continuing this tradition of providing quality fireguards, spark guards and stair gates, as well as wetbacks, copper bends and heat exchanger coils, and now fully road-compliant standard and custom-built trailers.

Johan has also launched into the construction of specially-designed adjustable ute hunting frames that fit inside the tray of most utes, and can be stripped of seats and padding to be used as stock crates.

This website is a showcase of the variety of standard-sized and custom-built trailers that Johan and his team at Superior Trailers have constructed to date.


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